Update on Multigrain Bread

Thanks to a terrific Christmas gift from my husband, I’m now able to update and add some pictures to former posts. I love this multigrain

Multigrain Bread

bread; it’s our daily sandwich bread, and I find myself talking to others about it so frequently that I thought I’d add this picture to an earlier post.

As I’ve continued to make this bread, I’ve decided to make a change to the original recipe: I double the recipe and then bake it up into 3 loaves, rather than four. The same thing can be accomplished by 1 1/2 x’s the recipe, and then only baking 2 loaves, instead of what the recipe suggests should make three. Otherwise, the loaves turn out small. But, making many loaves of this bread is not a problem if your mixer can handle it: this recipe freezes beautifully.

Multigrain Bread from America’s Test Kitchen


5 thoughts on “Update on Multigrain Bread

    • Stephanie Lundeen says:

      This is a very forgiving recipe. I tried doubling it, which strained my mixer so I aborted the kneading by machine. But I am fairly certain I under-kneaded it by hand. I then let it raise a bit too long. Most importantly, I realized–after I’d put them in the oven–that I had forgotten the salt. Amazingly, the result looked fine and is even edible. I’m very impressed with the texture–it holds together very well. I think I’ll bry the single batch next time & see if I can do it right. By the way, I froze two loaves by wrapping them in plastic & then in aluminum foil. Is that the best way?


  1. Natalie says:

    Wow! Good for you, Steph! Way to hand mix! I usually just put the bread in bread bags and throw it in the freezer (but we usually eat them within a week or so), and they’ve never been frost-bitten before, but I’m sure freezer settings play a factor in that. Let me know how the loaves go round 2!


  2. Cecily says:

    These were a hit at my house (of course I did leave out the seeds). I doubled the recipe and made 3 large loaves and one mini loaf.


    • Natalie says:

      Yeah–I find myself coming back to this recipe again and again. I think because it’s moist for a few days, and it has a really good balance of grains, whole wheat and white flour. I’m glad your family liked it!


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