Fast Fall & Winter Menus

This is a much needed idea page for me! Meals that can be done in an hour or less.

grilled cheddar cheese+apples & tomato soup
curried lentils + rice
black bean burgers + sweet potato fries
vegetable coconut kurma + rice
restaurant-style quesadillas + cut apples or carrots
carrot + sweet potato soup + corn bread + honey butter
butternut squash soup + no-knead crusty bread

coconut curried chicken+rice + steamed broccoli or roasted cauliflower
coconut lime chicken noodle soup
masaman curry + sticky rice
easy chicken tacos
+ guacamole
creamy turkey and wild rice soup + homemadebiscuits

skillet tamale pie

posole soup
ham +  egg fried rice
spaghetti carbonara(well, it’s bacon)
pesto pasta+sausage & red peppers
tortellini & italian sausage soup



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