Easy After School Snacks

A compilation of ideas to serve to starving kids

2 Minutes to prepare
Grahams with cream cheese and a slice of apple or pear
Apples with peanut butter
Carrots with ranch dip (sour cream+Penzey’s ranch seasoning is my favorite!)
Leftover pancakes, cut into fourths, with a little jam on top
cinnamon+sugar toast
long dill pickles
yogurt+honey or jam
canned mandarin oranges
rolled ham with a toothpick down the middle (and maybe cream cheese inside)
apples+cheddar cheese

Prepare in the morning or early afternoon
Caramel popcorn
chocolate chip cookies
whole wheat choc. chip cookies
kitchen sink cookies
chewy oatmeal bars
homemade granola bars
sprite+frozen peaches (pureed, if you like)
kettle corn
whole grain crackers
homemade grahams
date granola bar
favorite granola bar


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