Masaman Curry

I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a long time. It seems funny that I’m getting to it Thanksgiving Week, but it’s worth having around any time of the year. We inhale this recipe. I find the tamarind liquid at a local Asian Market on 300 S. in Provo, but I would guess many Asian markets would carry it. Fish sauce, coconut milk, and masaman curry paste can also be found at local markets, or even most grocery stores (I found that Sunflower Market has good prices on these items here). Anyway, if you still have carrots, potatoes, and even turkey (even though it calls for chicken or beef) after Thursday, this recipe is a great use! This recipe comes from a collection of recipes from the Thai Market I go to, just like the peanut sauce recipe. I serve it with sticky rice or jasmine rice. This recipe serves 6 people.

Masaman Curry

2 T. vegetable oil
1 can coconut milk (20 oz)
3 T. fish sauce
3 1/2 T. sugar
1/3 c. roasted peanuts or cashews
2 carrots, peeled and cut into 1″ long pieces (I cut on the bias)
3 T. masaman curry paste (I get Mae Ploy, and it’s not spicy at all)
1-1 1/2 lbs. chicken or beef, cut into 1″pieces
2 T. tamarind liquid
2-3 medium size potatoes (cut into about 1″ cubes)

1. Heat a dutch oven (or large saucepan) over medium-high heat. Add vegetable oil, let it heat 1-2 minutes, and then add curry paste and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.

2. Add 1/3 of the can of coconut milk, and stir fry for 4-5 more minutes, until red bubbles rise to the surface.

3. Add chicken or beef, and stir fry for 5-8 more minutes.

4. Add the remainder of the coconut milk to the pan, and then fill the milk can up 3/4 full with water, and also add the water to the pot.

5. If using chicken, add the potatoes and carrots at this point. If you’re using beef, simmer the beef for 30 minutes, or until it’s tender, then add the potatoes and carrots.

6. Add fish sauce, sugar, tamarind liquid, and roasted peanuts/cashews. Bring to a boil, and then reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. After the curry simmers, if it’s too thick, add a little water. If it’s too runny, continue to simmer until it thickens. Serve over rice.

You can make this recipe in advance; the flavors continue to meld, even in the fridge, and taste great the next day as well.


2 thoughts on “Masaman Curry

  1. CambriaW says:

    Oh Natalie… you know me so well! I’m definitely going to try this one, although I might sub the poultry for fish. I was looking for something else to do with the fish sauce in my pantry 😉


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