Parsley Hummus

For our wedding, some friends got us this nifty contraption called the AeroGrow.  It utilizes “aeroponics” to grow herbs and vegetables.  It was an awesome present because we love it, but it’s not anything we would have ever bought for ourselves because it’s kind of expensive.  So far it has been a surefire way to grow herbs quickly.  Once the plant outgrows the AeroGrow, you can transplant it to a pot.  I still have some chives growing in the dining room that started in the AeroGrow in March 2008.

Parsley grows like crazy in the AeroGrow and threatens to take over the kitchen (along with its buddy, the dill), but I never really know what to use it for.  Until now.  Kalyn at Kalyn’s Kitchen (another of my favorite recipe blogs) posted an awesome-sounding recipe for Parsley Hummus recently.  We’re having some people over tomorrow so I thought I would whip up a batch and serve it with veggies and pita bread.  Well, I just finished making it and it’s fabulous.  I could eat it with a spoon.  It’s heavy on the tahini and sesame oil so I almost want to call it Sesame Parsley Hummus.

Also, for any Rhode Islanders who haven’t discovered Not Just Spices yet, check it out.  I got a giant jar of tahini there for $6 and they have piles of spices and chutneys and all sorts of good things for making authentic Indian and Middle Eastern fare.


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