My Favorite Meals

This page just lists my favorite meals, simple ones to complicated ones, these are the ones I keep coming back to.  Soups Tortellini & Sausage Soup Turkey & Wild Rice Soup Summer Minestrone Soup Two Potatoes Soup Butternut Squash Soup Butternut Squash & Corn Chowder Coconut-Lime Chicken Noodle Soup Mulligatawny Soup Senate Ham and White … Continue reading My Favorite Meals

Fast Fall & Winter Menus

This is a much needed idea page for me! Meals that can be done in an hour or less. Vegetarian grilled cheddar cheese+apples & tomato soup curried lentils + rice black bean burgers + sweet potato fries vegetable coconut kurma + rice restaurant-style quesadillas + cut apples or carrots carrot + sweet potato soup + … Continue reading Fast Fall & Winter Menus